Registration and Abstract Submission

Abstract submission

Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 10, 2018

The Abstract must be written in English in Microsoft Word format in the following format:

Abstract Form (Word DOC file)

Please, upload the abstract as a docx file. The maximum length is one A4-page. Times New Roman fonts must be used (font size 12pt)

  • The title should be brief and specific and should be typed entirely in CAPITAL letters
  • The names of all authors must be written underneath the abstract title. Leave one line blank between Title and Authors.
  • Separate author names by commas
  • The name of the presenting author must be underlined
  • Institutional affiliations, city and country
  • Leave one blank line between affiliations and main text
  • Type the body of the abstract
  • Structure the body of the abstract per paragraph as follows: Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusion
  • Please avoid formatted tables and graphs

Please, note that abstracts will be reproduced in the book of abstracts in unchanged form.


The online registration form will soon be available.